Genie GTH-5519 Telehandler

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The Genie GTH-5519 forklift was formerly the Terex TX-5519. It hasĀ 4WD, three steering modes, heavy-duty RT tires and a forward reach of 11ft 3in. Buy or lease a GTH-5519 from Allied.

Allied Equipment LLC is an authorized dealer for Genie. Please contact us for new lift equipment purchases or search our inventory for used Genie lifts.


The GTH-5519 (TX-5519) Telehandler Telescopic Forklift

The Genie GTH-5519 (formerly the Terex TX-5519) Forklift is an ideal piece of equipment if you need to lift relatively heavy equipment up to height. With a maximum payload capacity of 5,500lbs (2,600lbs at maximum height), it can move most equipment with effortless ease. Powered by a 63hp direct-injection diesel engine, the GTH5519 (TX5519) is no slouch either. With a top speed of 15mph, it will get you from point A to B in no time at all. It has three different steering modes of 2WD, 4WD and Crab wheel drive, meaning it has the maneuverability to conquer even the toughest of terrains while turning in tight or congested areas.

Best Uses of the Genie/Terex 5519 Forklift

The GTH-5519 (TX-5519) Telescopic Forklift is very much at home on heavy construction and industrial sites. This lifting equipment is a real workhorse and will make light work of anything you ask of it. Whether that’s transporting materials, moving pallets or transporting other equipment, the GTH 5519 (TX 5519) makes it seem like child’s play. For operator comfort, the enclosed cab also has heating and air conditioning.

GTH5519/TX5519 Telehandler Forklift: Available in Stock from Allied Equipment LLC

Allied Equipment LLC has a leading stockist of all types of lifting equipment and telehandlers, including this superb Genie 5519 (Terex 5519). We are very knowledgeable about our products, so if you have any questions or queries about this or any other equipment, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Operating Weight
9,990 lbs
Lift Capacity
2,600 lbs
Working Height
19 ft
Horizontal Reach
11 ft
Product 4x4
Dimension Width
5' 917"
Dimension Height
6' 333"
Dimension Length
12' 167"


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