Genie Z-45/25E Boom Lift

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The Genie Z-45/25E self-propelled articulating boom lifts feature 180-degree hydraulic platform rotation, 22 feet horizontal reach, 20 feet up-and-over reach and a 360-degree boom rotation – all in a narrow design.

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Overview of the Genie Z-45 Boom Lift

The Genie Z-45 Electric Boom Cherry Picker Lift has the capabilities to access even the most inaccessible of places. With 52 feet of working height and an up-and-over reach of 20 feet, nothing is out of bounds. Capable of transporting up to two people or 500lbs the Genie Z45 will get workers where they need to go with efficiency. The powerful 2WD makes it one of the fastest booms in its field and a travel speed of up to 3 mph means it’s pretty quick too. The hydraulic two-man platform rotates 180 degrees with effortless ease, and the boom can complete the full 360 in no time at all. Bi-energy makes this boom lift good for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Genie Z-45/25E Electric Boom Lift’s Compact Design

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Genie Z-45 is that it is extremely compact. This is done purposefully. At only 6ft 7in high when stowed, and 6ft wide, it can maneuver in and out of congested areas with ease. A tight inside turn and zero tail swing also helps.

Allied Equipment Ltd: Supplier of the Genie Z-45/25E Lift

The Genie Z-45 Electric Boom Lift is one of the most popular Z-boom lifts that Allied supplies, and given its superb specifications, it’s no wonder. In addition to the Genie Z-45, Allied lift can supply all other types of lifting equipment. Give us a call today.


Boom Lift
Operating Weight
16,116 lbs
Lift Capacity
500 lbs
Working Height
52 ft
Platform Height
46 ft
Horizontal Reach
24 ft
Dimension Width
6 ft
Dimension Height
6' 583"
Dimension Length
18' 25"


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