Genie Z-60/34 Boom Lift

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The Genie Z-60/34 is an articulating boom with a six-foot jib and dual parallelogram riser. Choose from a dual fuel (gas/LPG) or diesel engine. Buy or lease the Genie Z-60 boom lift from Allied.

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Genie Z-60/34 Boom Lift Details

The Genie Z-60/34 (4X4) boom lift is designed to improve productivity in many different demanding construction and industrial related applications. Equipped with an articulating boom sporting a six foot jib, the operator of the Z-60/34 boom lift enjoys additional maneuverability to access hard to reach areas. With the unique dual parallelogram riser design, you will enjoy more productivity and save time when positioning the platform.

Features of the Genie Z-60/34

From ground to a fully extended working height of 66 feet (20.39 meters), the Genie Z-60/34 boom lifts extend quickly providing easy access to engine components for routine maintenance. Fully proportional controls on the Genie Z-60/34 boom lift allow for smooth operation and easy positioning. Rugged fiberglass turntable covers reduce the dents, color fading and rust common with steel covers.

The Genie Z-60/34 boom lifts are rigged with oscillating lockout which provides additional operator protection by seamlessly locking out the oscillating axle when the boom is raised or the turntable is rotated. The oscillating front axle on the Genie Z-60/34 boom lifts provide a smooth ride over rough terrain surfaces when the boom lift is in the stowed position while keeping the drive wheels in contact with the ground for maximum traction.

Genie Z-60/34 Performance

Universal symbols and decals are displayed on the control panel of the Genie Z-60/34 boom lifts assisting with proper operation. The tight turn radius and zero tail-swing of the Genie Z-60/34 models allow unmatched mobility and maneuverability in confined operating areas. The high ground clearance of 14 inches decreases the risk of damage due to bottoming out on rough terrain. The Genie Z-60/34 (4X4) boom lifts are also ready and able with positive 4 wheel drive traction, allowing for gradeability of up to 40% driving easily onto transport vehicles and over rugged site terrain.



Boom Lift
Operating Weight
14,500 lbs
Lift Capacity
500 lbs
Working Height
52 ft
Platform Height
46 ft
Horizontal Reach
36 ft
Product 4x4
Dimension Width
7' 5"
Dimension Height
6' 917"
Dimension Length
22' 417"


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