JLG 4069LE Scissor Lift

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The JLG 4069-LE scissor lift is a versatile lift with rugged terrain tires, optional hydraulic levelling jacks and a large platform. It has four-wheel drive and is stable up to a 45% grade. Lease or buy the 4069 LE electric scissor lift from Allied.

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Allied Equipment LLC Presents the 4069 LE Electric Scissor Lift

If you are looking for a scissor lift that can operate at height on challenging terrain, the battery-powered JLG 4069 LE Scissor Lift more than measures up. With its rugged terrain tires and 4WD, the 4069LE will take you anywhere you need to go. In addition, there is an optional hydraulic levelling jack for those seriously uneven areas. Quick charge batteries and lengthy duty cycles means it won’t be lacking in power when work is pressing.

JLG 4069LE Scissor Lift Versatility

If there’s one thing the 4069 LE Scissor Lift has, it is versatility. Although it has rugged terrain tires and 4WD, those tires are also non-marking. Because it is battery operated, it has low noise and zero emissions, meaning this lift is as much at home in a clean environment as it is outdoors. The platform itself measures 9ft 6in x 5ft 5in, giving workers plenty of room to move equipment from A to B. Going from ground to fully extended in just 38 seconds, the 4069LE is no slouch either. Finally, the deck extends another 3ft 2in giving greater accessibility to those hard to reach areas.

4069LE Electrically Powered Scissor Lift – Options for Use

Companies who operate within the confines of construction, building repair/rejuvenation or warehouse and storage can benefit greatly from this lift. It’s no wonder that the JLG 4069LE is a very popular choice. Contact Allied Equipment LLC today if you would like more information on this or any other type of lift.


Scissor Lift
Operating Weight
10,560 lbs
Lift Capacity
800 lbs
Working Height
40 ft
Platform Height
34 ft
Product 4x4
Dimension Width
5' 75"
Dimension Height
5' 75"
Dimension Length
10' 167"


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