JLG DVL20 Vertical Lift

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The JLG DVL20 electric vertical mast lift has a compact design, motion alarm sensors, pothole protection system and non-marking tires. The platform can lift up to 350 lbs and features simple controls. Lease or buy the JLG DVL20 from Allied.

Allied Equipment LLC is an authorized dealer for JLG. Please contact us for new lift equipment purchases or search our inventory for used JLG lifts.


DVL20 Electric Powered Vertical Mast Lift From JLG

Allied Equipment LLC offers this JLG DVL 20 Mast Lift for sale. More commonly known as a ‘cherry picker’, this unit is compact in design for easy storage, yet when fully extended can reach a working height of over 25ft. The platform can safely carry up to 350lbs and is controlled by a single joystick. It’s easy to operate and with variable speed elevation controls, raising it up and down is a breeze. The DVL20 Vertical Mast Lift is ideal for use in warehouses and storage yards and can be used safely on any grade up to 30%.

Safety Features of the JLG DVL 20

This DVL-20 self-propelled vertical mast lift from JLG is packed with safety features to ensure safe handling. These include an automatic pothole protection system, tilt alarm sensors, motion alarms, interlocked controls for safety, and flashing movement beacons.

Why Choose Allied Equipment LLC for a DVL20 Driveable Vertical Mast Lift?

In essence, Allied is the leading supplier of all types of lifting platforms, from boom lifts to scissor lifts, and vertical mast lifts. We have an excellent working knowledge of all products and supply all manner of component parts. We ship to customers all over the world, and as such, we have become the ‘go to’ place for anything to do with lifting equipment. If you have any questions regarding the JLG DVL 230 or any other lifting machines or parts, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Vertical Lift
Operating Weight
2,105 lbs
Lift Capacity
350 lbs
Working Height
25 ft
Platform Height
19 ft
Dimension Width
2' 458"
Dimension Height
6' 5"
Dimension Length
4' 458"


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