MEC 2591ES Scissor Lift

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The MEC 2591ES has eight 6V 375-Ah industrial batteries, proportional drive and lift controls, and a large sheet loading entrance. This lift is made to be easy-to-maintain and yet provide exceptional power.

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Model MEC 2591ES Scissor Lift from Allied Equipment Ltd.

The 2591ES Scissor Lift from MEC Aerial Work Platforms possesses the ability to easily lift up to 2,000 pounds to a working height of up to 31 feet. Its combined 48-volts are produced by eight DC batteries, providing exceptional power to the lift while the extendable non-skid platform offers superior square footage and stability for workers, their equipment and all types of tools.

Key Specs of the Model MEC 2591ES Scissor Lift

The fully proportional lift and drive controls are complemented by maintenance-free scissor bearings, an oscillating rear axle and the included Quad-Trax™ 4wd power package. The expansive sheet loading entrances, both fore and aft, allow large materials to be lifted quickly and easily. Safety features include a motion alarm, drive speed interlock and emergency shut-off switch at both the control panel and on board the platform. Outrigger support is included for superior stability aboard the platform on even the toughest job sites.

Common Uses for the MEC 2591ES Scissor Lift on the Job Site

The ability to lift heavy loads to various height is a crucial component of many tasks, including painting, cleaning, maintaining buildings and repairing structural and electrical elements. When space is limited and a large amount of equipment or tools must be used at heights inaccessible by ladder, the MEC 2591ES Scissor Lift excels in every possible area. Workers are able to move about freely on the extendable steel deck of the large platform while controls are easily operated from below. Guardrails are easily folded down for even more space and accessibility.


Scissor Lift
Operating Weight
8,600 lbs
Lift Capacity
2,000 lbs
Working Height
31 ft
Platform Height
25 ft
Product 4x4
Dimension Width
91 ft
Dimension Height
101 ft
Dimension Length
144 ft


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