MEC 3084ES Scissor Lift

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The MEC 3084-ES electric scissor lift is powerful, versatile and easy to operate. It is powered by eight 6-volt batteries and can lift 1,700 lbs to a height of 36 feet, and its 4-wheel drive can handle rough terrains up to 40% grade.

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3084ES Speed Level™ Sigma Lift from Allied Equipment Ltd.

The MEC 3084 ES Speed Level™ Sigma Lift is equipped with a Quad-Trax 4wd power package that provides up to 40 percent gradability, even on rough and uneven surfaces. The power of the eight 6-volt 370 industrial deep-cycle batteries supplies 100 volts of power to the platform and maintenance-free bearings require zero lubrication.

Key Features the Model 3084ES Speed Level™ Sigma Lift

Convenience is further enhanced with easily accessible electric and mechanical compartments, as it is unnecessary to raise the platform or swing out the machine’s tray to perform basic maintenance and repair. Wiring and related electrical components are labeled for quick and easy reference. Safety features include a motion alarm, multi-axis tilt sensor, and an emergency shut-off on the platform and at the lower controls. The platform deck is comprised of reinforced steel and a non-skid surface for added safety and stability.

Common Applications of the Model 3084ES Speed Level™ Sigma Lift

Due to its ability to level quickly and automatically on all types of sloped surfaces, the 3084ES Speed Level™ Sigma Lift is the ideal machine for a variety of tasks in numerous conditions. Rugged terrain is not a problem for the MEC 3084ES, nor are seemingly inaccessible areas of great height. The platform can easily and safely support up to 1,700 pounds of equipment, tools, and workers at a height of up to 36 feet. Perfect for maintenance work, repair, painting and installation, the 3084ES is a popular choice for contractors and construction companies everywhere.


Scissor Lift
Operating Weight
8,100 lbs
Lift Capacity
1,500 lbs
Working Height
36 ft
Platform Height
30 ft
Product 4x4
Dimension Width
84 ft
Dimension Height
70 ft
Dimension Length
14' 5"


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