MEC 3772ES Scissor Lift

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The MEC 3772ES scissor lift is powered by eight industrial, deep-cycle batteries and it has fully proportional drive and lift controls. Lease or buy the MEC 3772ES from Allied.

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Model 3772ES Scissor Lift from Allied Equipment LLC

The model 3772ES from MEC Aerial Work Platforms features an extendable roll-out deck, solidly constructed of reinforced steel, that is non-skid for added safety during use. Its scissor bearings require no lubrication whatsoever and zero maintenance aside from regular inspection. Elevation functions are performed with the strength and durability of the patented Powerlift2 system, designed to make even the toughest and tightest jobs more convenient and easily accessible.

Impressive Specifications of the 3772ES Scissor Lift

The Quad-Trax™ 4wd power package included on the 3772ES Scissor Lift lends the machine its stability and capability while outrigger support, coupled with the convenient auto-leveling feature, provides balance and cohesion on heavy-duty jobs.

Common Uses for the 3772ES Scissor Lift

Due to its available 60 square feet of platform space and 1,000-pound lift capacity, the 3772ES model is one of the most useful types of scissor lifts on the market. It is an invaluable unit of machinery in fields of construction, maintenance, repair, and painting, particularly on sites in which space is at a premium. Fold-down guard rails provide users with enhanced safety and accessibility.

Products and Services from Allied Equipment LLC

As the leading source of MEC Aerial Work Platforms, Allied Equipment LLC offers all types of scissor lifts, boom lifts, and other industrial-grade electric equipment. We supply aerial platform machinery for construction, maintenance, and repair firms all over the world. Our experienced team of qualified technicians provides lift owners with exceptional repair and maintenance services to extend the usefulness and longevity of their machinery, both on-site and in our shop.


Scissor Lift
Operating Weight
7,994 lbs
Lift Capacity
400 lbs
Working Height
43 ft
Platform Height
37 ft
Product 4x4
Dimension Width
72 ft
Dimension Height
102 ft
Dimension Length
116 ft


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