MEC 4191RT Scissor Lift

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The MEC 4191RT scissor lift can lift up to 1,000 pounds to 47 feet in only 34 seconds. With 4-wheel drive, this scissor lift is easy to maneuver and remain stable on rough terrain.

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Model MEC 4191RT Scissor Lifts from Allied Equipment LLC

The 4191RT Scissor Lift from MEC Aerial Work Platforms is powered by either a dual fueled or diesel engine from Kubota and weighs approximately 9,700 pounds. It packs an impressive 47-foot working height and is capable of lifting up to 1,000 pounds within a matter of 34 seconds. Its Quad-Trax™ 4wd Power Package assists in consistently powerful and steady control, even over especially rough surfaces and uneven terrain.

Product Specifications for the MEC 4191RT Scissor Lift

The steel deck is extendable in locking increments to provide workers with improved maneuverability and is designed to prevent dangerous slips and skids. Allotted compartments serve to prevent damage to mechanical and electric components while two emergency shut-off levers allow operators to ensure safety atop the platform as well as below at the control panel. Fully self-lubricating scissor bearings make the MEC 4191RT Scissor Lift easy to service and assist in the extension of the machine’s longevity, even when used frequently.

Additional Features and Options Available for the Model MEC 4191RT Scissor Lift

MEC Aerial Work Platforms provides lift consumers with a wealth of optional features to enhance performance and to increase productivity on all types of job sites. The MEC 4191RT Scissor Lift is can be customized to suit a particular operator’s needs. These features include an optional platform swing gate, 120-volt generator, controls that can be removed at the platform level and foam filled or air filled rough terrain tires.


Scissor Lift
Dual Fuel or Diesel
Operating Weight
9,700 lbs
Lift Capacity
1,000 lbs
Working Height
47 ft
Platform Height
41 ft
Product 4x4
Dimension Width
7' 583"
Dimension Height
10 ft
Dimension Length
12 ft


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