MEC 5492RT Scissor Lift

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The MEC 5492RT has dual roll-out deck extensions, outriggers, oscillating rear axle and a ground clearance of 14 inches. It can lift loads of 1,500 pounds up to heights of 60 feet.

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MEC 5492RT Scissor Lifts from Allied Equipment LLC

With its ability to lift 1,500 pounds to a working height of up to 60 feet above the ground, the MEC 5492RT Scissor Lift is an indispensable addition to any construction equipment fleet. As one of the toughest rough terrain construction lifts on the market, this machine is capable of far more than traditional scissor lifts. Its powerful Quad-Trax™ 4wd system allows its operator to conquer multiple types of surfaces and job sites without issue and its dual deck extensions provide workers with an unparalleled amount of work space for tools and equipment.

Features of the MEC 5492RT Scissor Lift

In addition to the quality of the engine and hydraulic system, the MEC 5492RT Scissor Lift’s outriggers supply immense support, featuring broad shoulders and a patented, durable rubber compound that ensures longevity over years of exposure to dirt, gravel and concrete surfaces.

MEC Lifts – Customized To Your Needs

The 5492RT Scissor Lift from MEC Aerial Work Platforms can be customized to better suit the needs and preferences of its owner and operator. Work lights mounted directly to the platform are invaluable in situations in which visibility is low, as is the optional safety beacon, which flashes continuously when operated. Six lanyard attachments, an all motion alarm and a 2,250 watt generator are also options available for the MEC 5492RT Scissor Lift from Allied Equipment.



Scissor Lift
Operating Weight
17,000 lbs
Lift Capacity
1,500 lbs
Working Height
60 ft
Platform Height
54 ft
Product 4x4
Dimension Width
7' 667"
Dimension Height
7' 833"
Dimension Length
16' 417"


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