Operator and Lift Training

Get hands-on lift training and heavy equipment operator training in the United States from Allied. We provide WHMIS training, fall protection training, scissor lift safety and more to anyone new or experienced in lifts or heavy equipment. Our trainers can come to your site or take a boom, scissor or aerial lift safety program at our headquarters.

Lift Training in the USA

Allied Equipment hosts a variety of heavy equipment operator training to ensure the well-being of lift operators. Our wide variety of boom and scissor lift safety training programs ensures both your needs and all local health and safety regulations are met. Our approach to aerial lift safety training helps to improve job site safety, company profits, and employee satisfaction.

At Allied we provide hassle-free heavy equipment operator training courses that make learning practical, hands-on, easy to absorb and convenient – learn on the job or at our head office training centre. Our heavy equipment operator training is available to at any point during the day, and Allied trainers can even accommodate short-notice emergencies if necessary.


Contact Allied today to inquire about our WHMIS training, OSHA scissor lift safety training, boom lift safety training, or any other aerial lift training or heavy equipment operator training programs.

Offered Courses

Our fully certified instructors facilitate the following specialty training areas required to operate and work in the heavy equipment industry:

  • OSHA training
  • Forklift safety training
  • Fall protection training
  • Aerial lift safety training
  • Skid steer safety training

Lift Training Materials & Certification

  • A workbook with all course material covered
  • Excerpts of the Federal OSH Act (Occupational Safety & Health Act)
  • Unit inspection sheets
  • A certification card (mailed upon successful completion)
  • Stored training records for the required amount of time (for access, if required)


Forklift Safety Training

Typically every three years, forklift licensees require re-certification by the OHS guidelines. Allied provides manlift safety training courses and licensing for counter-balance and rough terrain forklifts, as well as scissor lift safety training, and boom lift safety training.

Operators and employees must understand the lift equipment, how to use it, and the potential safety hazards. That’s why Allied offers aerial lift training workshops that visually demonstrate practical knowledge and ensure learners get hands-on experience. Even if you already have certification, this course is perfect as a refresher or to familiarize yourself with the specific forklift models your job site uses.

Contact us for information on class size and accommodation for manlift safety training courses. Our courses depend on available space and client needs. The content of every forklift safety training program includes:

  • Theory component (can be completed online)
  • Hands-on practical component
  • Hands-on evaluation component (simple pass/fail format)

It’s a program that positively affects your employees and job site. Experience Allied’s fun and easy aerial lift training and forklift certification courses.


Fall Protection Training

Our fall protection training courses go further than typical fall arrest training, which goes over what to do in the event of a fall. Fall protection training aims at preventing falls, and is in accordance with updated training standards by the local government. Re-certification for fall protection training is required every three years. Fall protection is also a required pre-requisite for aerial lift safety training.

Our maximum class size for fall protection training courses is 12 students. Each course contains:

  • Theory component (cannot be completed online)
  • Hands-on practical component
  • Hands-on evaluation component (simple pass/fail format)

WHMIS Training

The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, WHMIS, training requires re-certification annually to ensure everything is in tip-top shape for the OHS regulation. Our maximum class size for every WHMIS training courses is 15 students. Each course will go over the:

  • Theory component (can be completed online)
  • Written evaluation component (simple pass/fail format)

Our WHMIS training is valuable for any operator, and it is the perfect complement to any lift safety training.

Aerial Lift Safety Programs

Aerial lift training is required for all operators; however, re-certification is done at the discretion of the employer. We offer an aerial lift safety program for most specific units, including for aerial boom lifts and aerial scissor lifts. If an operator is certified but requires familiarization with a specific model, we offer supplementary aerial lift training and workshops to allow operators to navigate safely and more skilfully in any condition.

Allied provides spots for up to 6 people in their aerial lift safety training classes. There is a prerequisite, the Fall Protection training course, which you are required to take before applying. Each of our aerial and boom lift safety training courses provides:

  • Theory component (can be completed online)
  • Hands-on practical component
  • Hands-on evaluation component (simple pass/fail format)

Skid Steer Training

OHS regulation typically requires that every three years, skid steer training must be re-certificated. Skid steer training courses are customizable depending on which unit model you choose. If an operator is fully certified but needs some familiarization with particular models, we offer workshop classes to demonstrate, practice and offer guidance.

The skid steer training class size varies whether there’s a large enough available space to match client needs. Allied’s OHS scissor lift safety training and skid steer training courses offer:

  • Theory component (can be completed online)
  • Hands-on practical component
  • Hands-on evaluation component (simple pass/fail format)

Contact us to discuss any of our skid steer training or any of our safety and lift training programs.


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